Aitor Casas

From Spain now working at LSTM, England

Aitor studied Biotechnology at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 2013. During that time he worked with a research group investigating gene regulation of virulence factors in pathogenic bacteria. Then, he carried out his thesis at the Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), where he studied and developed new types of chiral nanoparticles (quantum dots) to treat cancer cells.

Aitor has always been interested in science and its ways to fix human health issues. Therefore, he was excited to join GlycoPar as it focuses in Glycobiology to tackle human parasitic diseases. As sugars are somehow involved in most diseases, it is a field with great potential that will play an important role in further research and medicine. Aitor is currently based at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK) carrying out his PhD project focused on the study of the surface sugars of Trypanosoma brucei metacyclics, the causative agent of sleeping sickness which is a fatal disease without vaccine. This knowledge may potentially lead to the development of a glycovaccine against sleeping sickness.