University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

The Molecular Glycobiology group at the Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU; University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna) is led by Dr. Iain Wilson and focuses on the structural, enzymatic and biosynthetic aspects of glycomic variation between organisms, especially invertebrates and protists, including parasites.

Other than being a member of Glycopar, the primary funding source is the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and currently Dr. Wilson holds three FWF grants; another three junior scientists (Drs. Katharina Paschinger, Alba Hykollari and Martin Dragosits) are independently funded with the status of FWF Fellows. A major technique is ‘off-line’ LC-MS using the latest HPLC technology in conjunction with MALDI-TOF MS/MS; also use of mutant worm and slime mould strains, recombinant expression of glycosylation-related enzymes and detection of glycosidase/glycosyltransferase activities are important for revealing the types of, and basis for, the huge variety of N-glycans found in eukaryotes.


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