Jorick Vanbeselaere

From France now working at BOKU, Austria

Jorick obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in biochemistry and biotechnology from the University of Lille-1 (France). He did his PhD in biochemistry in the group of Dr. Yann Guerardel in the Structural and Functional Glycobiology Unit (UGSF) where he developed expertise in the field of structural and metabolic glycobiology on vertebrate models like Danio rerio. Then he obtained in 2013 a temporary research assistant position at the Lille-1 University to teach Biochemistry. His research, within the GlycoPAR project, occurs in the group of Dr. Wilson at the BOKU University in Vienna on the structural characterization of glycoconjuguates (N-glycans & lipophosphonoglycans) and their biosynthesis pathways in amoebae species.